Embedded Linux


לוגוEmbedded Linux

Course duration: 5 days (40 Academic Hours) 



Course Overview

This course is designed to give industry engineers the knowledge they need to address the challenges of developing embedded Linux platforms.

All the training and development are done on development cards, among other things the student will be familiar with the development stages,
the tools needed, the typical problems in the development process and their solution, the use of various debugging tools,
user-mode application development: using System Calls, creating and managing processes, Synchronization devices between threads,
communication types between processes known as Inter Process Communication (IPC),
creating and managing shared memory, using Linux Sockets, using Pipes, and more.


Course Description

  • Classes are held at Rishon-Letzion campus or client company premises.
  • Morning courses are held for Hi-tech companies (5 days, 9:00- 16:30).
  • Syllabus can be modified based on companies requirement.
Course Syllabus 

Course Highlights  
Introduction to UNIX\Linux Programming  
Linux Development tools  
Automating the Process with GNU Make  
Debugging Linux programs  
Writing and Using Libraries  
File Descriptors  
User space apps working with Hardware  
Linux Processes  
Memory associated topics  
Linux Threads "Pthreads"  
Synchronization and Critical Sections  
Processes Vs.Threads  
Inter-process Communication (IPC)  
IThe IO subsystem  
Zero copy  
Introduction to Linux Device Drivers  

Target Audience

  • Software engineers, developers, programmers Who are interested in learning developing embedded systems under the Linux operating system.
  • Embedded Bare-Board engineers interested in learning to develop drivers under the Linux operating system.
  • Hardware, software, and computer science engineers interested in practical knowledge of the Linux kernel world.


1. Knowledge and experience in the Linux operating system.
2. High level English.
3. Background and / or development experience in C / C ++ (necessary for professional retraining).

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EmbeddedLinuxEmbedded Linux
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