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Our Team
תמונת מרצה קורס
Shlomo S
head of WEB and QA division with experience of years in trainer and lecturing specializing in Full-Stack development and QA ( HTNL5, CSS, JS, jQuery, Angular, React, Node.js, MongoDB , etc)
תמונת CEO מכללה
Benny Cohen
CO-founder and General Manager BSc in Hardware Engineering and MSc in Computer Networking with proven experience of over 20 years in RT Embedded Linux, Computer Engineering and Networking Solutions
תמונת מרצה קורס
Head of Desktop Apps
Shmuel is a BA Computer Science graduate with proven experience of over 15 years in trainer and lecturer specializing in implementing Desktop Applications (Python, Linux, Java, QA, C/C++, .NET, etc)
תמונת אווירה
our courses can be custom made by your company to answer any dmaned or specefication
תמונת אווירה
you can choose whether you want to learn in our computer labs or in your own facilities
תמונת אווירה
we have over 12 years of experience with some of the leading companies on the market
תמונת אווירה
our lecturers are some of the most experienced and brilliant in the business
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Rozhanski St 14 Rishon LeTsiyon


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