Linux kernel and Device Drivers Course

Course duration: 5 days (40 Academic Hours) 



Course Overview

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This is a hands-on practical course focuses on Linux kernel programming and device drivers.
In the course you will understanding the internal infrastructure of the Linux kernel its building Blocks, Sub-systems, Hardware Device Driver implementations.

Upon finishing, participants will be able to develop Linux kernel modules and device drivers.
Course exercises will include working with real development boards for best practice.


Course Description

  • Classes are held at Rishon-Letzion campus or client company premises.
  • Morning courses are held for Hi-tech companies (5 days, 40 hours).
  • Syllabus can be modified based on companies requirement.
Course Syllabus 

Course Highlights  
Linux Kernel overview  
Linux boot Process  
Building a Linux Kernel – configuration and compilation  
Linux Basic data structures  
Linux RT\Normal Policies  
Scheduling in Linux  
Developing Kernel Modules  
Character Device Drivers as LKMs  
Kernel object model  
Sysfs Devices/buses/drivers/subsystems  
Udev – Unified Device Model  
Memory Management  
Linux Device Tree  
Platform Drivers  
I/O memory and ports  
Wait Queues  
Interrupts and Exceptions  
Bottom halves  
Kernel Synchronization – Locking mechanisms  
Network Device Drivers  
Debugging Kernel Modules  

Target Audience

  • Architects, software engineers, developers, programmers who wish to learn Kernel Development in addition to implementing LKM modules & drivers.
  • Embedded Bare-Board engineers who wish to move up to Linux Kernel and Device driver development.
  • Hardware engineers who are interested in practical knowledge of the Linux Kernel BSP.


1. Background and / or experience in language C \ C ++ (necessary for professional retraining course).
2. Knowledge and programming experience with Linux User-Space APIs.

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