C programming Course

Course duration: 5 days (40 Academic Hours)  



C Course Overview

The C programming language is the heart of embedded System programming.
mostly used for Bare-Metal programming \ low level implementations \ Device Drivers \ BSP (Board Support Package).

C course aims to teach the C programming language from an embedded system point of view.

The course is devised into 2 parts:

Basics: start with the basics, providing a thorough introduction to the C programming language, covering the syntax and grammar, from the Hardware point of view, exposing students to practical programming techniques.

Advanced: focuses on more advanced concepts, such as dynamic memory allocation, Memory Leaks, creating and working with Structures, Bit-Wise Operations on embedded registers, Linked-Lists, Hash Tables etc


C Course Description

  • Classes are held at Rishon-Letzion campus or client company premises.
  • Morning courses are held for Hi-tech companies (5 days, 40 hours).
  • Syllabus can be modified based on companies requirement.
C Course Syllabus  

C For Embedded Basic

C Course Hightlights 
An Overview of Structural Programming and C 
The development environment 
The main function and standard I/O 
main's specification and body 
Compiling and Linking 
Declaring and initializing variables 
Integer and floating point data types 
Casting between data types 
The if else Statements 
Logical Operators 
Conditional (Ternary) Operator 
Declaring and Defining Functions 
Variables scope \Local\Static\Global 
keywords and type qualifiers \Register\Volatile\Const 
Using Functions as Parameters to Functions 
Overloading Functions 
Inline Functions 
Interface Versus Implementation *.h \ *.c 

C For Embedded Advanced

Course Highlights 
Dynamic Allocation 
Memory Leaks 
Bit Wise Operation 
Linked lists 
Hash Tables 
Sorting Algorithms 
Binary Trees 

Target Audience

  • Hardware / Software engineers / programmers who wish to learn programming in C.
  • Also suitable for beginners who want to integrate in embedded software.


1. Knowledge in using O.S. systems (Linux \ Windows).
2. Programming \ scripting experience is a plus.

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