C++ programming Course

Course duration: 5 days (40 Academic Hours) 

Date :


Course Overview

C++ one of the most used object-oriented and generic programming languages,

providing facilities for high level applications, system programming, even used in

embedded as well as low-level BSP \ Hardware manipulation.

This course will emphasizon C++ and OOD from an embedded point of view, its

performance, efficiency and flexibility of use, design highlights for the later.


Course Description

  • Classes are held at Rishon-Letzion campus or client company premises.
  • Morning courses are held for Hi-tech companies (5 days, 40 hours).
  • Syllabus can be modified based on companies requirement.
Course Syllabus 

Course Highlights  
Basic Classes  
Dynamic Allocation  
Copy Constructor  
Files Input & Output  
Static Functions & Variables  
Friend Functions & Friend Classes  
This Pointer  
Operator Overloading  
Virtual Function Polymorphism  
Multiple Inheritance  
Pure Virtual Functions & ADT  
Runtime Type Identification  
Errors & Exceptions  
Design Patterns  
STL standard Template Library  
Smart Pointers  
C++ for Real-Time Embedded Systems  

Target Audience

  • Software engineers who want to learn C++.
  • C programmers who need to use C++ for Embedded systems.


1. Knowledge in using O.S. systems (Linux \ Windows).
2. Programming \ scripting experience is a plus.

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